Departures from Highfields

aka DDDs (Departure Date Determinations). When migrants return, we delight in claiming the "First for the season". So why is it that we don't place equal emphasis on claiming the "Last for the season"? Well we all know why. It's too darn hard. Unless we religiously keep a diary of our sightings and then compare notes in the off-season to determine whose was the last sighting, how would we do it? Well now I think I know: provide another avenue for some one-up-manship on a public forum! If you've bettered the last date, please set the record straight ...

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Pat McConnell
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Departures from Highfields

Post by Pat McConnell » Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:40 pm

Here are some dates I have recorded for species leaving Highfields.

Koel - 26/03/2009
Channel-billed Cuckoo - 1/03/2009
Dollarbird - 5/03/2009.

The following species have just started to move through our yard at Highfields and through the uni grounds - Grey Fantail, Golden Whistler and White-throated Gerygone.

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