Cattle Egret Sightings

Cattle egrets have had an interesting and controversial history locally, particularly in relation to their well-documented colonistation of the Toowoomba Bird Habitat - along with the White Ibis, and the public amenity issues and population control measures that arose. Please post any further anecdotes and observations you may have here ...

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Cattle Egret Sightings

Post by NicciT » Mon Feb 06, 2006 10:12 pm

Cattle Egrets fly in a north-westerly direction on a path that takes them between St Andrews Hospital and Baillie Henderson Hospital. A few birds are further east following Gowrie Creek. Birds are coming and going for most of the day with some still flying north-west very late in the day.

I have extracted Cattle Egret records for this area from my own data if they would be of any use. Cattle Egrets first appeared in my data for north-west Toowoomba in late 1999.

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