Interesting behaviour

Sightings anywhere within a 250 km radius of Toowoomba, but excluding the local survey area (see above), for the period 1 March 2011 - 31 May 2011.
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Interesting behaviour

Post by sburke » Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:07 am

This morning while having coffee in the "bird viewing room" I watched as the dominant female Superb Fairy-wren of the house tribe dealt out her form of rough justice or tough love to one of her brood-helpers. On a couple of occasions I saw her push a subordinate bird onto the ground where she then stood on top of the bird for a few seconds and then let it get up again.

They are very interesting to watch - the two coloured males and the girls and young ones hopping all over the lawn in front of you or bathing in the new water features I have put in the yard.

Great fun and a nice way to start the day :D

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