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Sightings anywhere within a 250 km radius of Toowoomba, but excluding the local survey area (see above), for the period 1 June 2011 - 31 August 2011.

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Russ Lamb
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Late additions

Post by Russ Lamb » Wed Aug 31, 2011 9:44 am

Don't quite know where winter's gone this year, birding wise. Haven't been out and about much at all. Nevertheless, can fill the following gaps:

Nankeen Night-Heron, Buckley's Hole,Bribie Is, 20/7
Grey Goshawk, Commissioner's Flat, 28/8
Varied Triller, Commissioner's Flat, 28/8
Australian Reed Warbler, Metroplex wetlands, Murrarie, 20/8
White-eared Monarch, Maleny, 13/8
White-breasted Woodswallow, Stanmore, 28/8

Russ Lamb, Maleny,SEQ

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Mick Atzeni
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Wanted list

Post by Mick Atzeni » Wed Aug 31, 2011 11:18 pm

White-tailed Tropicbird
Wandering Albatross
Southern Giant Petrel
Northern Giant Petrel
Cape Petrel
Snow Petrel
Tahiti Petrel
White-necked Petrel
Gould's Petrel
Black-winged Petrel
Black Petrel
Streaked Shearwater
Flesh-footed Shearwater
Buller's Shearwater
Short-tailed Shearwater
Sooty Shearwater
White-faced Storm-Petrel
Masked Booby
Brown Booby
Great Frigatebird
Lesser Frigatebird
Australasian Bittern
Freckled Duck
Radjah Shelduck
Green Pygmy-goose
Northern Mallard
Black-breasted Buzzard
Letter-winged Kite
Red Goshawk
Grey Falcon
King Quail
Red-backed Button-quail
Black-breasted Button-quail
Red-chested Button-quail
Little Button-quail
Lewin's Rail
Pale-vented Bush-hen
Baillon's Crake
Australian Spotted Crake
Spotless Crake
White-browed Crake
Black-tailed Native-hen
Australian Bustard
Banded Stilt
Red-necked Avocet
Australian Pratincole
Oriental Pratincole
Red-kneed Dotterel
Grey Plover
Ringed Plover
Lesser Sand Plover
Greater Sand Plover
Oriental Plover
Hooded Dotterel
Latham's Snipe
Asian Dowitcher
Black-tailed Godwit
Little Curlew
Marsh Sandpiper
Common Greenshank
Lesser Yellowlegs
Wood Sandpiper
Terek Sandpiper
Common Sandpiper
Wandering Tattler
Great Knot
Red Knot
Long-toed Stint
Pectoral Sandpiper
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
Curlew Sandpiper
Broad-billed Sandpiper
Red-necked Phalarope
Pomarine Jaeger
Arctic Jaeger
Long-tailed Jaeger
Kelp Gull
Laughing Gull
Franklin's Gull
Sabine's Gull
Lesser Crested Tern
Roseate Tern
Black-naped Tern
White-fronted Tern
Common Tern
Little Tern
Bridled Tern
Sooty Tern
White-winged Black Tern
Black Noddy
Common Noddy
Grey Ternlet
White Tern
Brush Bronzewing
Superb Fruit-Dove
Pied Imperial-Pigeon
Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo
Long-billed Corella
Double-eyed Fig-Parrot
Australian Ringneck
Ground Parrot
Superb Parrot
Oriental Cuckoo
Brush Cuckoo
Black-eared Cuckoo
Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo
Little Bronze-Cuckoo
Eastern Koel
Channel-billed Cuckoo
Eastern Grass Owl
Powerful Owl
Barking Owl
Australian Owlet-Nightjar
Marbled Frogmouth
Spotted Nightjar
White-throated Nightjar
Australian Swiftlet
White-throated Needletail
Fork-tailed Swift
Superb Lyrebird
Rufous Scrub-bird
White-backed Swallow
Barn Swallow
Barred Cuckoo-shrike
White-winged Triller
Blue Rock Thrush
Bassian Thrush
Common Blackbird
Brown Songlark
Black-faced Monarch
Spectacled Monarch
Satin Flycatcher
Shining Flycatcher
Flame Robin
Hooded Robin
Crested Bellbird
Olive Whistler
White-browed Babbler
Spotted Quail-thrush
White-winged Fairy-wren
Southern Emu-wren
Eastern Bristlebird
Chestnut-rumped Heathwren
Chestnut-rumped Thornbill
Fairy Gerygone
Western Gerygone
Southern Whiteface
Crimson Chat
Red-browed Treecreeper
Brown Treecreeper
Dusky Honeyeater
Black Honeyeater
Pied Honeyeater
Singing Honeyeater
New Holland Honeyeater
Painted Honeyeater
Regent Honeyeater
Masked Woodswallow
White-browed Woodswallow
Black-faced Woodswallow
Little Woodswallow
Paradise Riflebird
Spotted Bowerbird
Diamond Firetail
Nutmeg Mannikin
European Goldfinch
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