Scarlet-Sided Pobblebonk Frogs at Kleinton

It's not their fault they don't have feathers! Doesn't make them any less interesting. And just like the birds, it's good to know what species are about locally at any given time.

There's expertise within the club and beyond on most aspects of our local fauna. Let's tap into it.
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Scarlet-Sided Pobblebonk Frogs at Kleinton

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After the recent rain, our usually dry creek filled, and the frog-life was amazing. After a few nights out in the rain with torches, we had been unsuccessfull in spotting the desired Pobblebonk Frogs or the Salmon-striped Frog. However the next day in the heat of mid-morning Brendon spotted many of the Scarlet-sided pobblebonk Frogs mating and rather actively moving around in one section of the creek. We sat for quite some time in the long grass watching them and took many photos! It was very surreal. Until this sighting, we had only had one positive identification of a lone Scarlet-sided pobblebonk frog previously at our patch. Photos on our blog for anyone interested.
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