Square-tailed Kite, Toowoomba

Those species we want to keep hearing about, even if already reported for the year, or the season. They're either rare (e.g. Red Goshawk), localised (e.g. Yellow-throated Miner), cryptic (e.g. owls, button-quail and crakes), unpredictable (e.g. various waterbirds and raptors), or migrants/nomads of local/national interest (e.g. swifts).
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Square-tailed Kite, Toowoomba

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Forgot to report that Al Young saw a Square-tailed Kite at the Toowoomba Waterbird Habitat on 24 June 2015.

Locally, this species has been seen a lot more in recent years, along with Black Falcon. Black Kites have also built up a huge local population. Any thoughts on why?

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